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Pricing Comparison

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Project criteria*Project scaleNumber of submission per monthNumber of mobile workers
LowSingle country1,00040
Med5 countries5,000120
High20 countries20,0001000

* not accounting for specific features included (or not included) in different price points - e.g. case management features, validation checks, data analysis, etc.

Project criteria CommCare Data Winners Survey CTO Kobo Toolbox Magpi AkvoFlow
Low $3,000 $1,188 $2,376 Free $5,004 €9,170
Med $3,000 $5,940 $11,880 Free $5,004 €16,380
High $24,000** $23,760** $44,880 Custom pricing** $7,500 €24,000

** Price based on what is listed on the website added with additional cost (extra submissions or extra mobile workers). Discounts for scale or "Enterprise" plans are not yet included.