Ucb Particle And Temperature Sensor Ucb Pats

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Berkley, US

UCB Particle and Temperature Sensor is a small, portable data-logging device that uses an optical scattering sensor to measure concentrations of fine particle (~PM2.5) in indoor environments. It saves sampled data until transferred and analyzed by a fit-for-purpose processing software on a computer. An upgraded version, PATS+, which is due to be launched in early 2015, will include other pollutants such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and black carbon. It logs data to an SD card storage and contains multiple power options. Optional software provides interactive data handling and device management.

Power source
1x 9V rechargeable and replaceable battery
Power life
5-7 days
Real time power level updates
Remote auto-calibration
Sampling Frequency Rates
Max rate (Hz)
1/60 Hz
Typical rate (Hz)
1/60 Hz
Detection limits
30 μg/m3 to ~25,000 μg/m3 (PM2.5)
Data Submission
Once every minute
Cellular network (3G)
Cellular network (GPRS)
Data Processing Analysis
Backup data storage
32,768 records
Content: Cloud-based data processing & analysis interface