Sweetsense Stove

Remote Sensor Tools


Portland, US

SWEETSense STOVE monitors cookstove use, both its pattern and duration, in low-resource settings. The sensor can send out alerts at pre-defined alarm points. Data are relayed over the GSM networks directly to the cloud server, where they are analyzed and graphed to optimize the performance of a particular cookstove intervention.

Power source
5 x AA Batteries
Power life
6-18 months
Real time power level updates
Remote auto-calibration
Sampling Frequency Rates
Max rate (Hz)
8 Hz
Typical rate (Hz)
1 Hz
Detection limits
*Different sensor choices have differing detection limits. Please contact SweetSense directly for more info.
Data Submission
Once every 5 minutes to every 24 hours; or only report when a certain threshold of data is recorded
Cellular network (3G)
Cellular network (GPRS)
Data Processing Analysis
Backup data storage
SD Card
Content: Cloud-based data processing & analysis interface