Sweetsense Air

Remote Sensor Tools


Portland, US

SWEETSense AIR monitors environmental air quality in domestic, industrial and outdoor environments using various types of gas emission sensors, including CO and CO2. It also measures frequency of use and thermal efficiency of a cookstove. Sensor can send out alerts at pre-defined alarm point and relays data over GSM networks directly to the cloud server.

Power source
5 x AA Batteries
Power life
6-18 months
Real time power level updates
Remote auto-calibration
Sampling Frequency Rates
Max rate (Hz)
8 Hz
Typical rate (Hz)
1 Hz
Detection limits
*Different sensor choices have differing detection limits. Please contact SweetSense directly for more info.
Data Submission
Once every 5 minutes to every 24 hours; or only report when a certain threshold of data is recorded
Cellular network (3G)
Cellular network (GPRS)
Data Processing Analysis
Backup data storage
SD Card
Content: Cloud-based data processing & analysis interface