Nexleaf Cold Chain Monitors

Remote Sensor Tools


Los Angeles, US

Nexleaf Cold Chain Monitor is a cell phone-enabled sensor that remotely monitors the temperatures of refrigerated units used to store and transport vaccines and drug along the supply chain from warehouses to local health clinics. Sensor periodically transmits temperature data to the cloud server that oversees and provides SMS and email alerts if the temperature-sensitive good reach critical temperatures.

Power source
1x rechargeable and replaceable Li-Ion battery. Can be simultaneously plugged to solar panels for continuous charging.
Power life
3 days, or indefinitely if connected to solar or AC power
Real time power level updates
Remote auto-calibration
Sampling Frequency Rates
Max rate (Hz)
1/60 Hz
Typical rate (Hz)
1/600 Hz
Detection limits
-20 to 40 degrees celcius
Data Submission
Once every 6 hours to every 24 hours
Cellular network (3G)
Cellular network (GPRS)
Data Processing Analysis
Backup data storage
Internal memory to store up to 5 years at 1-minute sampling interval
Content: Cloud-based data processing & analysis interface