Microsoft Power BI

Data Analysis Tools

QlikSense uses simple drag-and-drop interfaces to create flexible, interactive data visualizations. It has a built-in search engine to show all data proxy and reveal data relationships between data sets, as well as sharing and collaboration features. While users are able to upload their own spreadsheet, XML, and web page data from Salesforce, MySQL, Google Drive, Dropbox, and other data source, Qlik also provides DataMarket, which enables users to access external data bank and add it to their own analysis. Founded in 1993, Qlik provides a business intelligence platform for self-service data visualization and guided analytics applications to their users. With approximately 35,000 users all over the world, Qlik owns QlikSense - the visualization platform, Qlik DataMarket - external data feeds service, and other products, such as Qlik AnalyticsPlatform, Qlik NPriting, and QlikView.

Operating System
OS for viewing visualisations
Windows, iOS, and Android
OS for creating visualisations
Windows (Power BI Desktop) and browser-based
Data source
  • Excel spreadsheets
  • Cloud services (Salesforce, Google Analytics, and others)
  • Streaming data
  • On-premises databases
  • Power BI Desktop files
Data manipulation and editing capabilities post-import
Not directly: to refresh a data uploaded to Power BI, some steps are required.
Data templates
Available chart / visual formats
Real-time dashboard with extensive range of charts, text, numbers, pictures, video, and web pages
Cloud-based or self hosted?
Additional Features
GIS (mapping) compatible
Offline capability
Languages / Translation availability
Management / Collaboration features
Yes, users can also upload videos in their dashboard as one of the visual outputs.
Share to other application users or collaborators
Share to application's public platform
No, but dashboards are able to be embedded to web pages via Power BI "publish to web".
Open source