Google Fusion Table

Data Analysis Tools


Mountain View, US

Google's light web application Fusion Table allows users to analyze their data in the simplest way possible. Its analysis output comes in the form charts, maps, network graphs, and cards layout, which allows users to specify their own layout with HTML. Users need internet connection to work on the Google Fusion Tables analysis, but no installation is required. Users also need to manage their data elsewhere, but are able to collect public data tables using Google Tables - a search engine of thousands of public Fusion Tables -or the millions of public tables from around the web that users can import to their own Fusion Tables application. Fusion Tables is an experimental application from Google Research. Research at Google aims to tackle the most challenging problems in computer science and related fields. Research ranges from data management to machine intelligence. A supporter for open source software development, Google Research has teams in China, EMEA, Australia, New Zealand, India, and North America that build and maintain relationships with universities and faculty in their regions and support continuing innovation in computer science education.

Operating System
OS for viewing visualisations
All OS
OS for creating visualisations
Data source
  • Excel / Google spreadsheets
  • CSV
  • KML
  • TSV
  • Users are also able to collect public data tables using Google Tables - search engine for thousands of public Fusion Tables, or millions of public tables from around the web.
Data manipulation and editing capabilities post-import
Yes, users can edit data in Fusion Table file in Google Drive.
Data templates
Available chart / visual formats
  • Simple charts (bar, line, pie, scatter plot)
  • Most common visual output is interactive maps
Cloud-based or self hosted?
Additional Features
GIS (mapping) compatible
Offline capability
Languages / Translation availability
Management / Collaboration features
Share to other application users or collaborators
Share to application's public platform
Yes, published to Google Table search engine, or embedded into web pages.
Open source