SMS Tools

Grandville, US

EngageSPARK makes it easy for anyone (even non-IT people) to build Voice IVR and 2-Way SMS campaigns to engage their staff and beneficiaries in any country - in just minutes. EngageSPARK fully integrate telco connectivity into their platform. Virtual numbers can be purchased instantly in 90+ countries, and our Android Relay App covers the rest. It also do Airtime Top-ups in 130+ countries. The platform has been used in 90+ countries and it enable any size NGO anywhere to be more effective in their work.

Mobile Communication Gateway
Virtual Number/Web Based Aggregator
Shared Code
Custom Message Routing
SMS Services
Bulk Calls
Scheduled/Specifc/Recurring Calls
Triggerable by Respondents
Subscription Service
Auto Replies
Airtime Transfer
Contact Management
Multiple Group Membership
Custom Contact Variable