Data Analysis Tools

DHIS 2 is an open source software combining data capture with data visualization. This software enables the user to collect, manage and visualize data all in the same application, so users do not have to manage their data elsewhere. DHIS 2 offers comprehensive features, from GIS and Excel sheets to photo and video. It has several interactive features such as a comment section and an SMS reminder. DHIS 2 was developed by the Health Systems Information Programme (HSIP) - a worldwide network coordinated by the Department of Informatics at the University of Oslo. It started as an initiative to improve health services after the fall of apartheid in South Africa in the 1990s, currently the HSIP designs, implements, and sustains Health Information Systems with developers in Vietnam, India, Tanzania, Norway, Ireland, South Africa and US.

Operating System
OS for viewing visualisations
All OS (Java and HTML5)
OS for creating visualisations
Data source
  • XML
  • CSV
  • PDF
  • DHIS2 database: pre-built data entry form collected through SMS, plain HTML and Java for feature phones, and a high-end Web-based solution with offline support for smartphones
Data manipulation and editing capabilities post-import
Yes, complete package of data management. Users can set up data entry forms, analyze the data, and visualize the report.
Data templates
Yes. Users are able to set up templates based on the data entry form.
Available chart / visual formats
  • GIS (web-based GIS features)
  • Charts (column, line, pie, stacked column and area)
  • Pivot tables
  • Dashboards
Cloud-based or self hosted?
Additional Features
GIS (mapping) compatible
Offline capability
Languages / Translation availability
Yes. DHIS 2 lets users translate their database content into 8 other languages. Each user can easily switch between languages.
Management / Collaboration features
Yes, including videos.
Share to other application users or collaborators
Share to application's public platform
Open source
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