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Berkley, US

The Stove Use Monitoring System (SUMS) provides insights into cookstove usage patterns, number of meals cooked, and time of use by recording stove temperature changes. Data sampled by SUMS are uploaded to a computer via a data cable and further analyzed using proprietary algorithms developed to quantify cookstove usage in households.

Power source
1x 3V Lithium battery (internal, not replaceable)
Power life
0.5 - 3 years, depending on temperature and sampling frequency
Real time power level updates
Remote auto-calibration
Sampling Frequency Rates
Max rate (Hz)
1 Hz
Typical rate (Hz)
1 Hz
Detection limits
-40 to 85° Celcius or 0 to 125° Celcius, depending on variant of sensor selected
Data Submission
Once every 5 minutes to 10 minutes
Cellular network (3G)
Cellular network (GPRS)
Data Processing Analysis
Backup data storage
512 bytes SRAM
Content: Cloud-based data processing & analysis interface