Data analysis and visualisation tools are designed to digest, crunch, and analyze thousands of data entries and present them in the form of an interactive live dashboard using simple steps.

The following data analysis tools operate as either web-based applications or desktop software or both. These tools are particularly useful for organizations that collect vast amounts of data in Excel or CSV files, which they are interested to see in the form of clean graphs, charts, or maps for quick reporting and data-driven decision making.

The data analysis tools category is highly dynamic with many competitive software options. While it is tempting to select the ones that offer the most comprehensive set of features, we wanted to focus on those that cater to small to medium-sized organizations with accessible pricing packages and simple user interfaces.

Microsoft Power BI
This software allows for data to be stored in the cloud or hosted on the user’s computer. Single-view live dashboard is filled with interactive charts, analysis, graphs, and maps.
DHIS 2 is an open source software combining data capture with data visualization.
Tableau Public
Sharing and communicating  data sets with the world is the central idea of Tableau Public.
DataHero’s focus is on data visualization, such as charts, pivot tables, and live dashboard productions.
Google Fusion Table
Google's light web application Fusion Table allows users to analyze their data in the simplest way possible.
QlikSense uses simple drag-and-drop interfaces to create flexible, interactive data visualizations.