Telerivet Inc.

San Francisco, US

Telerivet is a comprehensive mobile messaging platform that is easy to set-up and deploy in any country with ordinary equipment and basic internet connectivity.  Its cloud-based management system routes messages to and from any mobile number, as well as through virtual numbers and short codes. Telerivet's powerful cloud-based platform makes mobile messaging easy. Whether you're having one-on-one coversations, sending messages to thousands of contacts, conducting polls, or creating custom SMS service, Telerivet's versatile platform adapts to your needs. Build custom services using drag-and-drop, or use the developer API to integrate with external systems. Telerivet supports a wide range of options for SMS connectivity worldwide. 

Mobile Communication Gateway
Mobile Communication Gateway Method
Local long / short number (on android devices): 
Virtual number / web-based aggregator: 
Shared code: 
Custom Message Routing: 
Form Building Methods
Browser-based Form Builder: 
Drag & Drop form builder: 
Offline form building (XLS upload): 
Question Types Supported
Multiple Choice: 
Open Ended: 
SMS and Call Services
Bulk SMS
Bulk SMS: 
Message templates: 
Scheduled SMS and Call
Specific time: 
Relative timing: 
Automated Services
Subscription service: 
Automatic replies: 
Surveys / Polls
Triggerable by respondents: 
Additional Inputs / Outputs
Voice messages & IVR: 
Message personalisation: 
Missed calls input: 
Airtime transfer: 
Upload Audio: 
Record Audio: 
Text to Speech: 
URL or audio library: 
Contact management
Multiple group membership: 
Custom contact variables: 
Automatic contact editing: 
Automatic contact group updates: 
Multiple Surveys Linking and Interactivity
Built in respondents case data management capability: 
External Data Collection Integration
Built in integration with digital data collection tools: 
SMS integration with other softwares using API: 
Possible IVR data collection (either built in or using API): 
Data Processing & Analysis
Automatic poll response aggregation: 
Online dashboard for analysis overview: 
Customised & automated report: 
Cloud-based data storage & analysis interface: 
User's own server data storage: 
Language Support
Support multiple languages display for single form: 
Support the display of non-latin fonts: 
Pricing Plans: 
US$ 0

US$ 30/month

(17% discount for annual payment)

US$ 120/month

(17% discount for annual payment)

Depends on SMS volume and number of phones used

  • 100 messages/day
  • 100 contacts
  • Limited support
  • 2 maximum phone numbers
  • 200 daily API requests
  • 5000 messages/day
  • $0.0025 per additional message
  • 10,000 contacts
  • Email support
  • 5 maximum phone numbers
  • 20,000 daily API requests
  • 20,000 messages/day
  • $0.0025 per additional message
  • Unlimited contacts
  • Priority support
  • 20 maximum phone numbers
  • 200,000 daily API requests
  • Over 20,000 messages/day
  • $0.0025 per additional message
  • Unlimited contacts
  • Priority support
  • Over 20 maximum phone numbers
  • 200,000 daily API requests
Best Features: 
  • Missed call response input to incentivize target recipients to reply to polls
  • Diverse if/then conditions to match keywords, dates, numeric responses, contact profiles, etc, and the range of actions they can trigger
  • Temporary custom variables to perform numeric computations, and permanent ones associated with a particular contact, phone or even project
  • Manual poll response coding for open-ended questions to help ease data aggregation
  • Airtime transfer feature which allow us sending airtime to survey respondents as an incentive or reimbursement to improve response rates
  • Project-level SMS service management
  • Intuitive drag and drop visual flowchart editor for anyone to create custom SMS services
  • Lacking voice messaging
Geographic Focus & Restrictions: 
No geographical restrictions, services, or rates
Sectoral Focus: 
No sectoral focus
Application Users: 
  • KIVA
  • Farm Radio International
  • MyAgro
Customer Service: 
  • Complimentary: Limited Support
  • Standard plan: Email Support
  • Premium plan: Priority Support
  • Custom plan: Priority Support