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TaroWorks is a mobile application built on the Salesforce platform and designed for offline data collection and field work management using Androids.  The rich features on the mobile app allow for robust project management, including task management and performance target tracking; while the powerful Salesforce database enables organizations to conduct business analytics and to measure project impact using social performance tools. The app can be used on Android devices, while the Salesforce database analyzes and reports on data.

Operating System
Other - With Java: 
Data Collection Features
Browser-based Form Builder: 
Drag & Drop form builder: 
Offline form building (XLS upload): 
Types of data collected
Single/Multiple Choices: 
Barcode/RFID scanner: 
External app callout: 
Others - Entries: 
Static Text
Logic Functions
Skip logic: 
Calculation Logic: 
Answer limits & validations: 
Pre-filled answer based on previous entries: 
Others - Logic: 
Skip logic on sections
Multiple Forms & Case Management
Multi-form relationships: 
Respondent's case follow up (Case Management - push & pull data between forms): 
Other Data Collection Integration
SMS data collection: 
Interactive Voice Response (IVR) data collection: 
Others - Integration: 
Salesforce App Exchange Tools
Data Processing & Analysis
Built in Data Aggregation: 
Integrated online dashboard for data overview: 
Automated Map: 
Customised & Automated Report: 
Language Support
Multiple Languages Display: 
Non-latin font support: 
Cross Category Features
SMS Communication Platform: 
Geospatial Mapping Tools: 
Remote Sensors: 
Data Analysis Tools: 
Pricing Plans: 
Number of Mobile User1-4040-7070-100100-150150-200
PriceUS$ 5,000/yearUS$ 7,500US$ 10,000US$ 12,500US$ 15,000
Free Account DurationNo Free Trial Option
Additional Mobile UserN/AUS$ 50/user
Number of License for DataBase Access10 License (from SalesForce for NonProfit and Non US For Profit Social Enterprise)
Additional LicenseUS$ 30/user/month (from SalesForce)
Number of FormsUnlimited
Number of SubmissionsUnlimited
Updates (April 2016): 
  • Location mapping
  • Printing on BeWo devices
  • Multi-language support allowing data collected in multiple languages to be reported in another language
  • Ability to view resources in addition to videos, including PDFs, Word docs, Excel sheets, images, and audio
  • Auto-save when filling out Surveys in case app crashes
  • Assigning jobs to groups
  • ntegrated Progress out of Poverty Index dashboards and reports
  • Response Validation - adding custom validations to your text or barcode questions
  • Coding - associate single-select and multi-select responses to with values from an external system for export
  • Multiple Drill-Down Hiearchies - expose up to 5 hierarchies of data to your field officer for review or to auto-populate a survey
Best Features: 
  • Built-in portfolio management tool that enables project managers to distribute tasks within field workers, and can be used by the field workers to monitor their progress
  • The app integrates multimedia capability to show and utilize video on the device for training or educational purposes
  • Field officers can view and update historic case information, even while offline, to engage more effectively with their assigned targets.
  • Built-in poverty scorecards (PPI) to assess impact
  • Pricing might be considered high
  • Multimedia data entry only support image files and cannot capture audio or video input
Geographic Focus & Restrictions: 
No geographical restrictions
Sectoral Focus: 
No sectoral focus
Application Users: 
  • d.light
  • Ilumexico
Customer Service: 

Each subscription comes with the following support:

  • 1 hour intro training session
  • Access to online training videos and support documentation
  • 1 hour of technical support per month, with guaranteed response within 72 hours
  • Additional support available for $175/hour


Additional Services:

  • Training Packages available for $1,500/day.
  • Set-Up and Consulting Packages available starting from $1,500.